Policies with Hair


You tried. One of your insureds came to you with a hard-to-place risk and you tried your traditional markets but it just wouldn't fit. Now what do you do? 

Introducing Bigfoot. You've heard about him. Wandering the still mostly untouched landscapes across America, only seen by those who dare to journey out there too. When your paths collide, your world will be forever changed. 

It all started when we tried to fix a broken system. Emails back and forth and the shuffling of all those paper applications wasted time. Why not handle everything in one easy to use portal? 

Bigfoot is everything you've been looking for that you didn't even know you needed. 

Everyone has a BIGFOOT story. WHAT'S YOURS? 



Bigfoot is the conduit between underwriters and agents shopping hard-to-place risks. We're going green while saving you some green by offering an entirely digital process. 

Get started on our simple forms here: https://www.bigfoot.insure/products