Supplemental Applications


Scroll down for a list of Supplemental Applications. Supplementals and Acords are available upon request. Simply email

Here's a breakdown of Acords and corresponding lines of business:

  • Acords 125 and 126 for General Liability

  • Acord 130 Workers' Compensation

  • Acord 131 Umbrella

  • Acord 140 Property

  • Acord 146 Inland Marine, Equipment Floater, Garage Equipment

  • Acord 147 Builders Risk

  • Acord 152 Equipment

Other items commonly requested: Loss runs, copy of sub-contractor agreement, and requested contractual obligations (additional insured, waiver of subrogation, primary/non-contributory)

Please note that we do not accept Acords Garage & Dealers so please complete this Application and learn more about our appetites here:

SUBMISSIONS PROCESS: Send the above items to for underwriter assignment.


If your submission is complete, you will receive 2-3 carriers in response. If incomplete, you will receive notice of missing items. Turn-around time varies from one day to a week, depending on the complexity of the account and number of revisions you provide. All submissions are handled in the order they are received. 

Our Underwriting Manager Heather Gilginas is happy to assist for further questions or concerns. 

Want to speak to an underwriter? Learn more about which one to contact HERE

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A list of supplemental applications that we use in addition to Acords 125 & 126:

Please keep in mind, this is not a complete list of specialty supplemental applications we use


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