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Many people face hours of time wasted and the stress of shopping around only to find that they have been denied standard homeowners insurance. The reasons homeowners are being excluded from coverage are growing as insurance companies become more adept as spotting potential problems.

Indeed, your home doesn’t have to sit on the Florida coastline or in “Tornado Alley” to be considered a high risk by insurance companies. Flooding, Hail, Wind, Wild Res, Earthquake, Mold Contamination and Crime– all liabilities that could red flag your insured’s home as a high risk. C.I.G is appointed with multiple carriers to address most of these risks.

A white house with a grass lawn surrounded by trees with a sunset background  Forms applicable: DP-1, DP-3, and HO-3. Just scroll down below to get started.

A white house with a grass lawn surrounded by trees with a sunset background

Forms applicable: DP-1, DP-3, and HO-3. Just scroll down below to get started.



  • Low Value to High Valued Homes

  • Old Homes, Log Homes, Tiny Homes

  • Secondary/Seasonal Rentals

  • Annual Rentals (Landlord)

  • Short-term rentals

  • Vacant Properties

  • Properties with a Wood Stove as a Secondary Heat Source

  • High Brush Fire Rating

  • Dwellings with Swimming Pools


  1. NO ACORD Apps Needed. 

  2. Up to 750 (1M in California) in Coverage A in-house with this program (up to $10M as a referral)

  3. Declined due to I.S.O or Fireline Rating (Ex. Hazardhub up to F10)

  4. Quake, Personal Article Floater and Flood available upon request

  5. Primary home, secondary, short term rental, Annual rental, vacant

  6. Single, Duplex, Triplex and Four-plex all are fine

  7. Low Credit Scores O.K.

  8. Up to 3 claims O.K.

  9. Lapse in coverage up to 60 days

  10. Updates within last 20 years to electrical, heating, and plumbing and updates within 35 years for roof

Other underwriters guidelines must be met, but are subject to each risk submitted. Questions or comments? Email Sr. Underwriter and Team Lead of the Personal Lines Adriana Oregon or call us at 303-900-2960 ext. 4. 

Be sure to provide the AGENT'S email so that all accounts are under the same login. You can share your login with your C.S.Rs accordingly. 

NOTE: We use an application called Bigfoot Inspections which is a carrier requirement. Alternatively, photos can be submitted (

In California we require 100” minimum brush clearance or there is a 10% wildfire deductible.

For more information, visit the CalFire website. Things we look for:

  • Are there branches near chimneys

  • Did they at least clear the debris off the roof

  • Did they clear trees to at least 10 feet from the house

Before getting started:

  • Looking for the Homeowners application? Check the Homeowners box

  • Looking for a Personal Article Floater? Check the Personal Article Floater box and click HERE

  • Need Flood or Earthquake? You can also get started on the supplements HERE

  • Is the residential property on 200 or more acres? Make a note of this so it is assigned to our Farm & Ranch Underwriter Leta Baker

  • Is the residential property under construction? Get started HERE

  • Is this actually a Commercial Apartment or Condo risk? Get started by filling out Acords 125,126,140 and filling out this supplemental apartment application

  • Looking for Tiny Homes or Mobile Homes? Click here for Tiny Homes or Mobile Homes.  


Underwriting Portal:

  • Homes & Dwellings

  • Disaster (Flood & Quake)

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