Residential Rental Properties

If you are renting out an additional rental property, you should consider ALL your insurance options.

If you are renting out an additional rental property, you should consider ALL your insurance options.

Got 2 or more rental properties that need insurance? Protect your investment. You don’t have to be an insurance agent to get the coverage you need. Call Mark Pearce who has 15 years in property casualty insurance. Phone: 719-358-2869

Have just 1 or 2 homes? Simply apply here:

We offer declined homeowners insurance too!


  • Eligible risks= 1-4 family residential risks and small apartments up to 10 units

  • Property coverage limit= $750,000 per risk (higher limits are available on a case by case basis)

  • Available Coverages= All Risk property coverage, loss of rents, GL and flood

  • 12 month rental terms. No short term rentals in this program.

  • No property age restrictions as long as updated within last 35 years to electrical, heating, plumbing, HVAC, and roof

  • Eligible locations = the 48 contiguous United States, excluding Detroit, MI, Galveston and Padre Island, Texas and the Florida Keys

  • Coverages can include: Property, General Liability, Flood, and Earthquake

  • ONE policy issued for the entire schedule- this makes billing and renewal a breeze!

  • No property inspections are required

Note: Bigfoot Specialty Insurance has underwriting authority with several markets so we have plenty of capacity

Submission documents for Insurance Agents (Mark can assist if you need help!):

Please send submissions to for a 24 hour underwriting turnaround.

Appetite questions? Call MARK directly at 719-358-2869

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there a minimum number of risks?

A: Yes, five. If you have less, just go to to get started. No Maximum number of properties

Q: In what states do you write?

A: All 48 Contiguous States

Q: What is the maximum number of apartment units you will consider?

A: We can accept up to 10 apartments.

Q: What if I add or remove properties? How is premium calculated?

A: Premium is calculated on a daily pro-rata basis for properties added or deleted during the policy term.

Q: Do you have financing?

A: Bigfoot can provide a premium finance solution. Email for details.

Q: Do you monthly billing?

A: Bigfoot can provide a monthly billing solution for schedules over $10,000 in annual premium.

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