Inland Marine

A large yellow earth mover that is clearing a dirt space

A large yellow earth mover that is clearing a dirt space

The term Inland Marine Insurance is a bit confusing. Long ago, insurance was created to account for loss of property at sea... hence "Marine Insurance".  However, products, materials, and equipment needed coverage beyond the sea when transported over land. The property insurance from a Business Owners Policy (B.O.P) or Commercial Package Policy (C.P.P) may not be enough, particularly when there are a lot of moving parts that may be excluded from basic property coverage.

While we cannot advise on what options are best for you, we can provide you with quotes from our available carriers to provide your clients with insurance solutions.

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What types of things can we insure?

Air compressor, backhoe, bobcat, bulldozer, bushog, cable laying machine, cement graders, cement mixers large and small, cement pumps, chain saws, cherry pickers, compactors, ditch witch, fertilzer tanks, fork lifts, front end loaders, generators, graders, scrapers, lasers, lifts, munchers, pumps, saws, scrapers, steam shovel, water tanks, farm tractors, farm equipment, office and supply trailers, contractors hand tools, heavy and light garage equipment, paint & body shop equipment, garage hand tools, restaurant inland marine, audio & visual equipment, boilers, cameras, crushers, radio towers, radio transmitters, fuel tanks, mobile phones, x-ray machines, etc. 

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