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Insurance option to provide short-term rental hosts greater protection

Property Protect has not long ago partnered with Commercial Insurance Group to provide better insurance solutions. Property Protect recently launched in all 50 states to offer owners who advertise on Airbnb, VRBO and other vacation rental platforms, coverage from potential property damages caused by short term rental guests.

“I started Property Protect after a bad experience with short-term renters and discovered I really wasn’t covered when I thought I was. There’s a real need for property owners and hosts like myself,” commented Kate Yanov, founder of Property Protect.

Typical homeowner’s policies do not cover short term rental or commercial activity, and Airbnb Host Guarantee is not an actual insurance policy. Homeowners in Sonama learned of this when their home burned down while guest were renting it. Their deceptive Airbnb and property insurance did not cover the costs to rebuild. The one-million-dollar protection Airbnb guarantees does not cover that damage from guests and the property insurance only covered a small amount of the cost to rebuild. After filing a claim, the homeowners were still waiting on an answer sixteen months later. When renting out a home, Airbnb coverage is untrustworthy and an extra layer of renter’s insurance is a necessity, while homeowners’ insurance may not be adequate, which is why having the right insurance is the best choice at the end of the day. (Chmura, Rojas, and Jackson, 2019)

Property Protect provides short term insurance to protect short term rental enterprise. Yanov designed policy enrollment to be extremely user friendly and developed an easy three step process for property owners to gain coverage digitally. First, hosts create a login profile. Next, hosts paste their bookings calendar URL into the Property Protect platform, so they can create policies for each new guest based on the length of their stay (new bookings are added automatically). Finally, hosts enter their preferred payment details are queued up to be insured. Users can register in less than 5 minutes. Transactions are charged the day the guest checks in. If a guest cancels or changes the length of stay, the platform will recognize the change and adjust accordingly. Users won’t pay for any nights that don’t have bookings.

At just $5 a night, Property Protect offers owners and managers an affordable insurance option, and priceless peace of mind. Liability coverage is up to $5,000 in guest theft and damage to personal property and the home, including the roof, walls, windows, and flooring.

“Commercial Insurance Group is a managing General Agency specializing in niche programs,” said Martin Burlingame. “The property protect model reflects an extension of our core competencies and allows CIG to support the direct-to-consumer Insuretech model.”

Learn more: (510)-255-2799

Important: Security Deposit Waiver flyer for Vaca Rentals


Mid-Term Option:

  • Travel Nurses, Travel Nurse Housing websites, Owners that rent to Travel Nurse Staff

  • SDW - Security Deposit Waiver (COMING SOON!)

  • Rent Guarantee for Property Owner

Short-Term Option:

  • Air B&B, VRBO, Vacation Rental Property Managers

  • $ per night automated HOST insurance

  • SDW - Security Deposit Waiver (flat fee)

On-Demand Option:

  • Housekeepers, janitorial for offices, truck drivers that are 1099, Dog walkers (Rover and Wag)

  • Liability Insurance on-demand (clock-in, clock-out)

Long-Term Option:

  • People that rent apartments, landlords that own apartments, multi-family management companies

  • Renters Insurance for Tenant

  • Rent Guarantee for Landlord

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