Intern Farewell


All good things must come to an end and as we wrap up our summer internship, we want to thank all the agents, underwriters, and staff that we’ve had the privilege to work with this summer. We’ve learned a lot about insurance and know how important this industry is.

Commercial Insurance Group has been in business for 10 years but as the Bigfoot platform takes off… it really is changing the insurance game. We enjoyed getting to know the submissions flow, underwriting process, and all the ins-and-outs of what it takes to get coverage in place. Our biggest role in this has been assisting with agent onboarding and raising awareness about what we do.

Last week Agent Rich Jerkovich in California was our 5,000th agent to sign up on our Bigfoot Insurance Platform! We sent s'mores to him and many other agents that have bound business with us in the past year. Need a username? Claim one for your agency HERE.

It has been fun to see the Bigfoot Platform evolve to offer instant indications for:

You can also send in your submissions for a Personal Article Floater ( Email with any questions).

COMING SOON: A generic ticket for ALL submissions. Here’s a list of our appetites:

Other big projects we worked on behind the scenes:

  • Print Media (Look for us in Rough Notes later this Fall!)

  • Social Media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram)

  • Zendesk: CLICK HERE!

  • Staff Socials

  • Website Updates (migration from old clunky website

  • Email Blasts

  • Thank you notes and packages to agents

We couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity. We might not all stay in the insurance industry after college but we certainly are more equipped to make the right choices when we start adulting.

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